Basics of Virtualization

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What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the process of running virtual instance of a computer system running in a layer abstracted from the physical hardware. In other way, running multiple operating systems on a computer system simultaneously.

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Why we need virtualization?

  • Resource utilization: Virtualization leads to utilize the hardware well meaning, CPU and RAM utilization can go beyond 80%
  • Space reduction
  • Administrative costs reduction
  • Server movement across geography location

Hypervisor – To run multiple operating system on one physical server, we need an Hypervisor layer to abstract the actual compute resources such CPU, RAM, Nic and Storage and creating multiple session for multiple operating systems.

Hypervisor: Two types:

Type 1 : The Hypervisor can be installed on physical server as an operating system is call Bare metal Hypervisor : Example : ESXi, XenServer

Type 2 : Hypervisor will be installed on top of any operating system. Example: VMware Workstation, Hyper-V

So, we are coming to some conclusion as Hypervisor will be used as an intermediate for virtualization.

Virtualization products:

  1. VMware – vSphere
  2. Citrix      –  XenServer
  3. Microsoft – Hyper-V
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