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Identifiy homesite to Global Entitlment enabled users

Thanks for reading. As we know that there is tremendous tools available as built in and Flings, still only we can customize or needs… in that series, I would like to develop tool to identify the users part of Global entitilment issues and details.

Scenario / Objective :

1. The Horizon View pod enabled infrastruture (Site1, Site2)

2. Global entitlment assigned to users to use the designated site.

3. We need to identify the homesite of the users wihout accessing the universal Horizon Console.

4. Also, need to identify the group mistakently assisned to both sites – happens in big infra..

Phase1 : I have drafted the GUI template to understand. Still working on codings part. will share once done…

Please share your thought and tasks of repeatiion can be included as our own tool for our daily opertions .. especially without accessing both sites consoles how can we achieve few tasks to reduce time.

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