Requirement Definition

Requirement Definition for Training / call center office requirement.:

VITTA – Virtual Infrastructure Technology Training Academy would like to facilitate virtual desktop infrastructure for students who participates in training.

Use case:

Consumer | Terminal | venue | OS | Domain | App

Trainer Laptop Office Win7 Intranet GC

Student Laptop Office Win7 Internal GC

Student Laptop OOA Win7 Internal GC

Trainer Laptop OOA Win7 Intranet GC

OOA : Out of Office Access

Resource Estimation

VITTA already having VDI solution hence need to get the resource estimation such as assigned users / actual users / Compute resources/ VDs / ESXi configuration / consumed/ memory / network etc..

If we dont have any infrastructure exists and kind of new environment then needs to conduct pilot test to calculate network bandwidth, compute resource utilization etc..

Operation Time : We have to define the operating hours and maintenance durations.

Service Time | System Maintenance Time | Adhoc System maintenance

24 hours monthly one (8 hours on demand

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