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  1. Install VMware workstation, Windows 2016, Windows 10 and ESXi 6.5 Servers

Step1: Download VMware workstation pro and install

Step2: Download Windows server 2016 ISO evaluation copy and Windows 10

Step3: Install first windows server operating system as master copy, power off, take snapshot.

Step4: Obtain linked clone VMs : Right click on VM-> manage-> Clone… follow the steps and select the linked clone.

Step5: Execute Sysprep to generate new SID.

Step6: Download ESXi 6.5 and install ESXi servers

Step7: Install windows 7 VM

Create Virtual Machines as below mentioned 

view environment

Workstation VMs Layout

In progress…July 28

2. Configure IP and Hostname for Widnows and ESXi Servers 

3. Install Domain controller and add all servers to domain

4. Configure Storage Server









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